Bio of J2Tha

J2Tha was born Jeffery Carney on 22/Mar/67 in Indianapolis, Indiana. In 1986, Jeff began making a political statement when he moved to Flint, Michigan and started preforming Gangsta Rap Music locally. Jeff's first EP "You'll Die" had very little commercial success. His song "My Heart's Calling For That Special Girl" had the best fan fare of any of the songs. He was in the group, The Benz Boyz Posse, (BBP), when their album "Down w/The Boyz" never went to press by their independent label Jam Constantly Records as a result of his continued incarceration....He is currently the Founder/EVP of A & R at BevAlex Recordings and Founder/EVP of the Professional Department at De'Car Publishing Co in Bay City, Michigan. At both BevAlex and De'Car, Jeff is in charge of scoting talent for the label and publishing company where he looks to sign artists for the label and find Staff Songwriters for the publishing company.

Jeff's career began in 1975 as a dancer in the Drums of West Africa, African Cultural Center in Indianapolis, IN. The highlight of his career at that time was appearing on The Jamie Show, on WTTV Channal 4 in Indianapolis, IN. Jeff is a Letterman in Band and Numbered in Music at Crispus Attucks High School in Indianapolis. He also had the honor to play in the Award Winning "Awesome Animal Drumline" at Ben Davis High School where his band was Number 1 in the State of Indiana and Number 3 in the Nation in hign school marching bands. Jeff was the bands Xylophonist and had a solo on a classical piece called "Novena" by James Swearingen. He also majored in music at Mott Community College.

Jeff's alter ego, (J2Tha) appears when he's on the stage, although his love is more on the creative/business end of the industry. In May 1988, Jeff preformed his song "Fifty - One Lies" at the "Say No To Drugs Rally" in Flint at the Water Street Pavillion to a croud of more than 10,000 people to help promote awareness to the drug epidemic. Between June 1993 and April 1994, Jeff and his group BBP worked on his first LP where he wrote/ co-wrote songs, co-produced songs, session engineered songs and did vocal recordings on songs. The most creative song on the album was "Flint Nigga'z Steady Jackin...", an instrumental played backwards that everyone wanted to use when he played it. In March of 2008 he was accepted to the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, (ASCAP) as a Writer Member and in December of 2015 we was accepted to the Songwriters Guild of America, (SGA). What sets BevAlex apart from everyone else is that you have Jeff working for you from the prospective of an artist as opposed to that of an executive that only knows the business view of music. He knows struggle as an artist and knows what you want well before you get to his doorway....

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